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Dining out has always been a favorite type of entertainment. Although the best food is cooked at home, eating out is really something else!

Restaurants are among the basic structure of every country and culture all around the world. The advent of restaurants foundation in the form of nowadays that people eat and communicate dates back to French Revolution, but before, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI had their own stories.

Many many years ago, better to say centuries ago, there was somewhere in the middle of the city with a table at the center and some food on it but there wasn’t any menu, cause the food choice was with the chef! Because of lack of kitchen at homes, there were lots of sellers who had a small trolley to give food. This is still common in many cities in the world. The foods which are pre-cooked and cheap so that everyone could afford. In Middle Ages, in Middle East, there were places on the way of passengers that food, drink and even dessert were served and those who had no money, free food was given to them. In 17th century, although full meal was served at homes, some of the Nobles who were richer, intended to have their meal in a private hall.

By Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI downfall, old methods were put aside. Personal chefs left their positions and many of them opened their new restaurants in Paris. So, new ways of eating food one after another showed up. Subtle porcelains, knife and forks and all the stuff that were dedicated to the Nobles were now available for all the French people. Menus became diverse and both self-service and manual food choice were added to the restaurant.

According to the research, the idea of the first restaurant in the world was provided by a French chef. In 1760, a person named Boulanger started shops that served various kinds of soup and claimed that it’s perfect for health. He named his shops “restaurers” which meant “fresh”.
Many restaurants were set and established by the name of “Boulanger”.
In the beginning of these cafes activity, coffee and light beverages were served but after a while, the cafes changed to a place to serve alcoholic drinks. Finally, today’s restaurants appeared.

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Different kinds of restaurants

Restaurants are divided into 2 categories based on the customers’ opinions. The first one is the restaurant which in simpler and cheaper than any other place, for the locals or those who work in the neighborhood. In these restaurants, guests show up in ordinary clothing and often in informal style. The second category is the high-price restaurants. The food and service is high based on the culture and tradition of different societies. Guests appear in semi-formal or formal style.

Now, let’s get through a vast continent “Australia”. As the culture is so diverse in there, the food has the same story as well. You can have any kinds of food that you eat in your home country right here in Australia. As the country is too vast, the weather would be quite different from North to South. Food festivals play a significant role. As an example in Melbourne, food and wine festivals are held annually in March. Gourmet Weekend in South Australia is celebrated in Clare Valleys annually. Christmas celebration is in the middle of summer and it’s been held differently in comparison with European countries. Restaurant culture in Australia is so interesting. The table you’re going to book will be yours until the end of the night. Thanks to multi-national society in Australia, the food diversity is in its high rate. That’s why Australia and its foods have been interesting for everyone.

Immigrants move to this country and bring their own cultural roots and their local foods. The country has always been famous for the abundance of healthy and fresh foods throughout a year. Dining out has always been common in Australia and you’ll face exciting choices and options. That’s why Australia is full of cafes and clubs that local and international foods are served in. So, Australian restaurants are divided into 2 parts, local and international. In international section, you can try Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek and African foods. The professional chef has blended the European cooking with Asian style and made a new fantastic taste.


What are the characteristics of a good restaurant?

When people step into a restaurant, they expect to enjoy their meal while protecting their health. Best restaurants are very careful in this case and they try to provide high quality food for their guests. Very crucial item for a restaurant is its cleanliness. No one likes to eat the meal in a dirty place. You can easily guess if it’s clean or not by just having a glance at the entire restaurant. Good restaurants can highly affect the customers. The pleasing atmosphere of a restaurant can leave a vivid memory of the time. The setting and atmosphere of a restaurant plus the hospitality and well manner of the staff truly makes a great dining experience.

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The best restaurants usually compete with each other on attracting more customers by the location, price, advertisement and the last but not least high quality.
The better and higher quality of a restaurant, the more unique whatever that is served there. Best restaurants always try to be unique in their menu in order to attract more customers. That’s why new ideas are always welcomed by the best restaurants’ owners.

About the price, many people think that the higher the price, the more quality they receive. Well, no. You can’t find out by this criterion. You can simply reas the reviews of that restaurant before booking or going there.

Beside all these items, the internal decoration of a restaurant is an important issue that is often less considered.
The internal design of the restaurant has a direct impact on the customer’s psychology in a way that even the quantity of orders and also the time being spent in the restaurant varies.
Lighting, music, furniture and accessories are the elements in internal decoration.
An important point to be considered is that many people are active on the social media, so the design of the restaurant can be a sale parameter, because the customers like to share their memorable photos on Facebook or Instagram. This leads to attract more customers.

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As a conclusion, just having a meal wouldn’t be enough. It’s much better to enjoy the food while the restaurant has the high rate of satisfaction based on the mentioned criteria.