Aloo Mosamma Recipe – Guidthrough A Delicious Persian Plum Stew

How to cook Aloo Mosamma - A delicious Persian food

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How to cook the famoush dish of Aloo Mosama? what does it taste like? what is Persian Plum Stew? in this article we are going to cover everything about cooking one of the most famous dishes of Iran: Aloo Mosama

The city of Rasht, the capital of Guilan Province, is the first province in Iran with the most diverse traditional foods. From tasty, colorful dishes to various side dishes and desserts, Rasht has been registered as a creative city of gastronomy by UNESCO.

Based on traditional documents, the origin of the most common Persian dishes goes back to the north of Iran. Over 170 traditional foods are cooked in Guilan. That’s why Rasht has been known as the creative city of Gastronomy.

Now, let’s take a deep look into one of the most famous Persian dishes, “Aloo Mosamma.”

One of the most traditional Persian dishes and, at the same time, a very formal Guilani dish containing chicken and Plums is “Aloo Mosamma.” It’s delicious and popular when cooking a simple lunch or dinner.

Aloo Mosamma has many fans throughout different regions of the country with various recipes. Although the best one can be found in the north of Iran, especially Guilan,

In addition to the typical style of cooking Aloo Mosamma (with chicken), it’s also possible to cook it with lamb or beef. Due to the fact that chicken bakes earlier than meat, Aloo Mosamma is the best option for you while there’s not much time.

The History Behind Aloo Mosama

If you want to know more about this historical dish from the Middle East, we must first declare that it is not that well documented, but it is believed to have originated in the northern regions of Iran. Second, some speculate that it was created as a hearty and filling meal for farmers and laborers, while others believe neighboring cuisines influenced it. 

Regardless of its origins, Aloo Mosamma has become a beloved dish in Iran and continues to be enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. Of course, Plum Stew is prepared differently in different towns throughout Iran. But Gilan’s plum stew is something else! This wonderful dish contains plums, chicken, sugar, and saffron.

The Ingredients of Aloo Mosamma

  • Chicken thighs or breasts, four pieces.
  • Medium-size onion, two.
  • Black plums, eight.
  • Tomato paste, one tablespoon.
  • Sugar, one dessertspoon.
  • Brewed saffron, one tablespoon.
  • Salt, pepper, and turmeric as needed.

How to Cook Aloo MosammaAloo Mosamma

To cook Aloo Mosamma, start by marinating the chicken pieces with salt, pepper, and turmeric. Then, sauté the chopped onions in a separate pot until golden brownish. Add the marinated chicken and cook till it is slightly browned. Next, add the tomato paste and stir very well. After that, add the plums, sugar, and brewed saffron to the pot. 

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Recipe for Aloo Mossama

  1. First of all, marinate chicken pieces with salt and pepper. 
  2. Fry the chicken very well. 
  3. Fry the diced onions in order to make them golden.
  4. Pour some turmeric and roast them well. 
  5. Add the plum and apricot and fry them a little. You can use sour plum if you like your dish to be sour. 
  6. Now, it’s time to add tomato paste. Roast it well. Frying tomato paste makes your dish much more tasty while it will be more colorful. 
  7. Pour salt and pepper into the fried tomato paste with chicken, some glasses of boiling water, and sugar. 
  8. Let the chicken bake on mild heat. This dish is not that much watery, that’s why it shouldn’t have much water in order to release oil. 
  9. In the last 30 minutes, you can add saffron. 
  10. Try the dish and balance the sweetness or sourness of it by adding sugar or verjuice.

How to Serve Aloo Mosama

To serve Aloo Mosama, start by garnishing it with fresh cilantro or parsley to add the desired freshness. You can also squeeze some lemon juice on top to enhance the flavors. Serve it hot with steamed rice or naan bread for a complete and satisfying meal. Of course, Persian saffron rice with a crunchy Tahdig will enrich the taste of this traditional, tasty dish even more. Enjoy! 

Some Cooking Tricks to Cook Aloo Mosama Like A Persian

  • Plenty of fried onions are needed to cook Aloo Mosamma in order to make it much more delicious. The fried onion will add a rich and savory flavor to the dish. It will enhance the general taste and texture of the dish even more.
  • Do not omit saffron because it gives the dish a better taste and color. Saffron is a critical ingredient in Persian cuisine, adding a unique aroma and vibrant golden hue to Aloo Mosamma. Additionally, soaking the saffron threads in warm water before adding them to the dish will help release their full flavor and color. 
  • Some people add raisins in the last stages of cooking. This is called “Guilani Shirin Qatogh.” The addition of raisins adds a subtle sweetness and chewy texture to the dish, balancing the savory flavors. It is a traditional Persian technique that elevates the overall taste and complexity of Aloo Mosamma.
  • Gheyme Aloo” is cooked similarly, but yellow peas are added. The addition of yellow peas in “Gheymeh Aloo” provides a delicious and hearty texture to the dish. The peas add a burst of flavor and complement the other ingredients, creating a satisfying and nutritious meal. This variation of Aloo Mosamma is popular in Persian cuisine and is loved for its unique combination of flavors. 

Kale Kabab pic

What Appetizers And Desserts Pair With Aloo Mosama?

Our recommendation as an appetizer for Aloo Mosamma would be Kale Kabab, and the best dessert afterward would be a saffron dish to enrich the flavor even more. The saffron dish would complement the Aloo Mosamma and make it a tasty dish. We recommend Persian fragrance tea or an excellent choice from our bar for a suitable drink.

If you’re into cooking such dishes containing chicken, you can also take a look at Zereshk Polo.

Zereshk Polo is a delicious Persian dish made with chicken and barberries. It has a unique blend of flavors that complement each other perfectly. It can be served as a main course and pairs well with Aloo Mosamma as a side dish. The combination of these two dishes will create a memorable and satisfying meal. 


150 K.calories per 100 grams.

Aloo Stew is a perfect stew for detoxification. Various forms of plum play a significant role for better digestion to maintain the liver.

Apricots, Plums, Black Plums, Sour plums, or a mixture of all.

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