How to cook Aloo Mosamma – A delicious Persian food

How to cook Aloo Mosamma - A delicious Persian food

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The city of Rasht, the capital of Guilan province has got UNESCO’s recognition as one of the best places in the world as far as cookery is concerned. Guilan is the first province of Iran with the most diverse traditional foods. From different dishes to various side dishes and desserts, Rasht has been registered as the creative city of Gastronomy by UNESCO.

Based on traditional documents, the origin of the most common Persian dishes goes back to North of Iran.

Over 170 traditional foods are cooked in Guilan, that’s why Rasht has been known as the creative city of Gastronomy.

Now, let’s take a deep look into one of the most popular Persian dishes “Aloo Mosamma”.

One of the traditional and at the same time formal Guilani dishes containing chicken and apricot is “Aloo Mosamma”. It’s very delicious and popular while it’s very simple to cook.

Aloo Mosamma has lots of fans throughout different regions of the country with various recipes. Although the best one of it can be found in North of Iran, especially Guilan.

In addition to the common style to cook Aloo Mosamma (with chicken), it’s also possible to cook it with lamb or beef.
Due to the fact that chicken bakes earlier than meat, Aloo Mosamma is the best option for you while there’s not much time.

The ingredients

  • Chicken thigh or breast 4 pieces
  • Medium size onion 2
  • Black apricot 8
  • Tomato paste 1 tablespoon
  • Sugar 1 dessertspoon
  • Brewed saffron 1 tablespoon
  • Salt, pepper, and turmeric as much needed.

How to cook Aloo Mosamma

First of all, marinate chicken pieces with salt and pepper. Second, fry the chicken very well. Then, fry the diced onions in order to be golden. Now, pour some turmeric and roast them well. Add plum and apricot and fry them a little. If you like your dish to be sour, you can use sour plum. Now, it’s the time to add tomato paste. Roast it well. Frying tomato paste makes your dish much more tasty while it will be more colorful. Pour salt and pepper to the fried tomato paste with chicken and some glasses of boiling water along with sugar. Let the chicken bake on mild heat. This dish is not that much watery, that’s why it shouldn’t have much water in order to release oil. In the last 30 minutes, you can add saffron. Try the dish and balance the sweetness or sourness of it by adding sugar or verjuice.

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  • Plenty of fried onion is needed to cook Aloo Mosamma in order to be much more delicious.
  • Do not omit saffron, because it gives the dish a better taste and color.
  • Some people add raisins in the last stages of cooking. This is called “Guilani Shirin Qatogh”.
  • “Gheyme Aloo” is cooked the same way but yellow peas are added.

What to pair

Our recommendation as an appetizer for Aloo Mosamma would be Kale Kabab and the best dessert afterwards woukd be saffron dish.

If you’re into cooking such dishes containing chicken, you can also take a look at Zereshk Polo.