How to cook Gheymeh Bademjan – Lamb Aubergine Stew with Split Peas

How to cook Gheymeh Bademjan

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Gheymeh is one of the most original Persian foods that every Iranians have cooked or had it for several times.

History of Gheymeh

Going through the history of Gheymeh, it’s soon found out that it is cooked in different ways in different regions of Iran. In other words, it has become one of the local foods of each area. Considering the taste of Gheymeh, it’s one of those dishes that is in harmony with various tastes and the recipe is simpler than any other formal dishes. Since the old ages, this stew has turned into one of the occasional dishes in Iran and other neighboring countries as well. Gheymeh is found in various names in each region of the country such as Gheymeh Nesar, Gheymeh Aloo (plum), Gheymeh Havij ( carrot) Gheymeh Sib Derakhti (apple),… In fact , Gheymeh is ancient enough to talk about and it dates back to many centuries ago. Actually,it can’t be said that who was the first one to blend mince meat, tomato, fried onion and yellow peas along with a few spices. As a matter of fact, the word “Gheymeh” goes back to the word “Keymeh” that is originally a Turkish word and it means “mince meat”

Different types of Gheymeh

1- Gheymeh Bademjan

In this type of Gheymeh, fried eggplants are used instead of french fries. Sour grapes are used along with eggplants of course.

2. Gheymeh Nesar

Local food of Qazvin city. This stew is similar to the traditional and common Gheymeh but the Qazvini people add almond, pistachio, slivered orange peel and barberries instead of french fries.

3. Gheymeh Nokhod (Peas)

In this kind of Gheyme, peas are used instead of yellow peas. In some regions, Gheymeh Nokhod is mixed up with “Abgoosht”. It is often cooked in Southern and central regions of Iran and it’s baked with goat meat.

4. Gheymeh Rashti

One of the most delicious Gheymehs cooked in Iran is Gheymeh Rashti that tomato itself is used in it instead of tomato paste. This kind of Gheymeh has the most similar recipe to the traditional Gheymeh and instead of using fresh or dried lime, verjuice and pomegranate juice or pomegranate paste are used.

5. Gheymeh Sib (Apple)

If you think this type of Gheymeh is sweet, you’re deeply wrong. Green apple is used in this type of Gheymeh and it has a sour taste. The rest of the ingredients are the same but instead of dried lime, fresh lime juice is used.

6. Gheymeh Kadoo (Zucchini)

Gheymeh Mosamma or in other word Gheymeh Kadoo is one of the different types of Gheymeh that zuccini is added to it separately and lime powder is used to marinate zucchini.

7. Gheymeh Aloo (Plum)

Gheymeh Aloo is another type of Gheyme but it’s not sweet at all. You can add quince mixture to it to have Gheymeh Beh (Quince).

8. Gheymeh Havij (Carrot slices)

In this kind of Gheymeh, small and diced carrots are used along with plum and special spice.

The ingredients of Gheymeh Bademjan

  • Raw yellow peas
  • Sliced onion
  • Lamb or beef (mince meat or in pieces)
  • Dried lime
  • Tomato paste
  • Slivered potato
  • Eggplants
  • Saffron
  • Salt, pepper and turmeric

How to cook Gheymeh Bademjan

Roast mince meat until the color is changed. Pour salt, pepper and turmeric. Add tomato paste and fried onion. Mix them well. Then, add yellow peas to be roasted. Pour water as much as needed. Let it bake on average heat for an hour. Finally, you can add dried lime ( preferably seedless). Do not forget to add saffron, salt and a touch of cinnamon at the end. It is always served with fried eggplants.

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What to pair

Gheymeh really goes well with Shirazi salad and pomegranate olives.

Appetizer and dessert

As an appetizer, Kale Kabab is the perfect choice and as a dessert, today’s cake with Persian fragrant tea.  If you’d like to read about more recipes, you can go through Baghali Polo and Morassa Polo.

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