Best restaurant for birthday in Adelaide

Best restaurant for birthday in Adelaide

The day you were born, everyone was happy but you were not that much satisfied of what’s going on and started to cry. The happiness glittered in all eyes and the next years those who loved you try to make you happy on your birthday.No matter how old you are, the days you were born does matter. So, it can be an ordinary day as usual or sometimes it can be a bit different. You can celebrate in a cafe’ or restaurant. Yeah, Good Idea!

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Guests are invited, tables are ready, the decoration is prepared to welcome everyone for a nice birthday party. Everything is ready to make the day special. For a casual family gathering or when there are some other guests you haven’t expected to be there, we should look for places which are nice and spacious. A menu that caters all ages and prices that are not too scary!

The first and the most important factor in this case is the quality of the food. The higher the quality, the more satisfied the guests. Quality is the first item that triggers when the name of the restaurant is heard; to treat all who have attended the celebration in perfect manner. Second point would be the decoration of the restaurant suitable for a birthday gathering. Definitely, you’re more attracted to the one which has a beautiful decor in a way that each angle of it can be the best area for your photos and videos. Now think about banners, balloons, confetti and party hats to be added to the scenery. Well, how excited are you?!

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The last but not least could be live music, it can be considered as a significant part of the birthday. The restaurant is better to have a suitable space for the band in order to cheer up the guests to dance and have fun.

traditional Persian dishes

“Aloo Mosamma” a traditional Persian dishes you must try

Persian dishes are diverse enough to talk about. A wide range of stews, appetizers and side dishes do exist in it. If you ask the foreign tourists about the characteristics of Persia, most of them are satisfied with Persian dishes. The one who was usually on a trip advised that whenever you enter a city, try to taste their food cause it’s not only the traditional food, but it also indicates the geographical, social and economic side of the city.

"Aloo Mosamma" a traditional Persian dishes you must try

There are many traditional Persian dishes, but Aloo Mosamma is something special. As it is cooked in different styles in different cities. In Northern part of Iran, it is usually sweet because of the use of plum and apricot and also a huge amount of onion. It can be both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish due to the presence or absence of chicken lovely legs.

Aloo Mosamma is a perfect stew for detoxification. Various forms of plum play a significant role for better digestion to maintain the liver health. It also helps fight against infection and fever. Plum is an enriched source of antioxidant . It’s really crucial for health and the lack of it leads to premature aging, pressure on nervous system and activation of damaged genes in DNA.

In some areas, split peas are used to cook Aloo Mosamma. Some others substitute meat instead of chicken. As it’s clear, there are many different ways to cook this popular dish!

What is the most famous food in Australia?

What is the most famous food in Australia?

Australia is a multicultural country with extraordinary food diversity which has collected many immigrants from all over the world. The fragrance and taste of different dishes have been blended with its own culture throughout the years.

The Australian people are in love with foods, that’s why there are several cafe’s and restaurants with high standards on each corner of the country.

You can see variety of foods such as Chinese, Thai, Japanese, African, French, Turkish, Italian, Mexican, Greek and even Iranian cuisine in Australia. The expert Australian chefs cook these cuisines beautifully. Eating strange animals like kangaroos and crocodiles is considered as a part of Australian food that is still common in some areas.

Meat is one of the most significant parts in an Australian diet but chicken has got more fans. Nearly 31% of people eat chicken, while 20% use meat. Carbohydrate consumption is about 45%. Also vegetarianism and using different herbs is extremely common in this country.

If you’re looking for a best restaurant, Adelaide can be the perfect destination for you!

A number of famous cuisines are as follows:

Chicken Parmigiana

This dish has got Italian-American root and it’s considered as the world’s most popular foods in the world.
Fried chicken with melted cheese and ketchup which is usually served with chips and salad.

Barbecued Sausages

Aussie people are in love with grilled food. Grilled sausages are the most favorite foods that is cooked with pig’s and cow’s meat, served with mixed fried onions.


The square-shaped cake that is known as the Australian National Cake and is considered as the symbol of AU. The best cakes are baked in Adelaide and Kytons bakery and has been awarded as the best Lamington.


Both Australia and New Zealand claim that this dessert was invented in 1920 to meet the Russian Ana Pavlova. This kind of sweet is served after dinner, with fruits, cream and mint.

Australian Meat Pie

You may think this pie tastes the same as ordinary pies like foods and different sweets, but you’d better know this pie has a special taste and it’s smaller than normal pie that’s served with tomato ketchup.

Pumpkin Soup

Australian foods are not limited to the variety of meat and grilled fish. You can try vegetarian cuisines. Pumpkin soup is mostly cooked in cold months of the year and the best place to try such dishes are the southern parts.


You’d better forget fish and chips and try a big plate of Aussie river fish. To try this fish, you’d better go to Queensland and taste this fresh Australian fish.

At the end, don’t forget to try Iranian cuisine while in Adelaide. Diverse enough to talk about, plenty of tasty dishes right at Naaz on Pulteney.

Dining out Naaz restaurant Adelaide

Dining out in a restaurant in Australia

Dining out has always been a favorite type of entertainment. Although the best food is cooked at home, eating out is really something else!

Restaurants are among the basic structure of every country and culture all around the world. The advent of restaurants foundation in the form of nowadays that people eat and communicate dates back to French Revolution, but before, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI had their own stories.

Many many years ago, better to say centuries ago, there was somewhere in the middle of the city with a table at the center and some food on it but there wasn’t any menu, cause the food choice was with the chef! Because of lack of kitchen at homes, there were lots of sellers who had a small trolley to give food. This is still common in many cities in the world. The foods which are pre-cooked and cheap so that everyone could afford. In Middle Ages, in Middle East, there were places on the way of passengers that food, drink and even dessert were served and those who had no money, free food was given to them. In 17th century, although full meal was served at homes, some of the Nobles who were richer, intended to have their meal in a private hall.

By Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI downfall, old methods were put aside. Personal chefs left their positions and many of them opened their new restaurants in Paris. So, new ways of eating food one after another showed up. Subtle porcelains, knife and forks and all the stuff that were dedicated to the Nobles were now available for all the French people. Menus became diverse and both self-service and manual food choice were added to the restaurant.

According to the research, the idea of the first restaurant in the world was provided by a French chef. In 1760, a person named Boulanger started shops that served various kinds of soup and claimed that it’s perfect for health. He named his shops “restaurers” which meant “fresh”.
Many restaurants were set and established by the name of “Boulanger”.
In the beginning of these cafes activity, coffee and light beverages were served but after a while, the cafes changed to a place to serve alcoholic drinks. Finally, today’s restaurants appeared.

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Different kinds of restaurants

Restaurants are divided into 2 categories based on the customers’ opinions. The first one is the restaurant which in simpler and cheaper than any other place, for the locals or those who work in the neighborhood. In these restaurants, guests show up in ordinary clothing and often in informal style. The second category is the high-price restaurants. The food and service is high based on the culture and tradition of different societies. Guests appear in semi-formal or formal style.

Now, let’s get through a vast continent “Australia”. As the culture is so diverse in there, the food has the same story as well. You can have any kinds of food that you eat in your home country right here in Australia. As the country is too vast, the weather would be quite different from North to South. Food festivals play a significant role. As an example in Melbourne, food and wine festivals are held annually in March. Gourmet Weekend in South Australia is celebrated in Clare Valleys annually. Christmas celebration is in the middle of summer and it’s been held differently in comparison with European countries. Restaurant culture in Australia is so interesting. The table you’re going to book will be yours until the end of the night. Thanks to multi-national society in Australia, the food diversity is in its high rate. That’s why Australia and its foods have been interesting for everyone.

Immigrants move to this country and bring their own cultural roots and their local foods. The country has always been famous for the abundance of healthy and fresh foods throughout a year. Dining out has always been common in Australia and you’ll face exciting choices and options. That’s why Australia is full of cafes and clubs that local and international foods are served in. So, Australian restaurants are divided into 2 parts, local and international. In international section, you can try Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek and African foods. The professional chef has blended the European cooking with Asian style and made a new fantastic taste.

What are the characteristics of a good restaurant?

When people step into a restaurant, they expect to enjoy their meal while protecting their health. Best restaurants are very careful in this case and they try to provide high quality food for their guests. Very crucial item for a restaurant is its cleanliness. No one likes to eat the meal in a dirty place. You can easily guess if it’s clean or not by just having a glance at the entire restaurant. Good restaurants can highly affect the customers. The pleasing atmosphere of a restaurant can leave a vivid memory of the time. The setting and atmosphere of a restaurant plus the hospitality and well manner of the staff truly makes a great dining experience.

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The best restaurants usually compete with each other on attracting more customers by the location, price, advertisement and the last but not least high quality.
The better and higher quality of a restaurant, the more unique whatever that is served there. Best restaurants always try to be unique in their menu in order to attract more customers. That’s why new ideas are always welcomed by the best restaurants’ owners.

About the price, many people think that the higher the price, the more quality they receive. Well, no. You can’t find out by this criterion. You can simply reas the reviews of that restaurant before booking or going there.

Beside all these items, the internal decoration of a restaurant is an important issue that is often less considered.
The internal design of the restaurant has a direct impact on the customer’s psychology in a way that even the quantity of orders and also the time being spent in the restaurant varies.
Lighting, music, furniture and accessories are the elements in internal decoration.
An important point to be considered is that many people are active on the social media, so the design of the restaurant can be a sale parameter, because the customers like to share their memorable photos on Facebook or Instagram. This leads to attract more customers.

As a conclusion, just having a meal wouldn’t be enough. It’s much better to enjoy the food while the restaurant has the high rate of satisfaction based on the mentioned criteria.

how to cook Persian Food

How to cook Persian Food

There are many Persian dishes to cook, yet many of us don’t know what to cook for the next day.
A lot of meat stews served with rice and also vegetarian meals are the two vast options to think about.
Typical Persian main dishes are combinations of rice with meat, vegetables and nuts. Herbs are frequently used in Persian dishes. Unique Persian flavorings such as saffron, dried lime, cinnamon and parsley are widely used in various dishes.
One of the most widespread Persian spices is Saffron, a traditional and common ingredient in many Persian dishes.
Khoresht is a Persian form of stew which is usually accompanied by a plate of rice. The stew usually consists of different herbs, meat and sometimes fruits. Based on the cook’s recipe, it can be a meat- based stew or a vegetarian meal.
Persian dishes are not hot and spicy. The flavors are mild enough to let you enjoy the taste. As an example, Fesenjan, a slow- cooked lovely chicken legs with ground walnuts, pomegranate paste and fresh herbs can be sweet or sour based on your own appetite. As it is normally sour, many people prefer it to be sweet. For vegetarian meals, the herbs are usually boiled but if you intend to add extra taste to it, it can be fried. To make Mirza Qasemi as an example, the eggplants must be smoked on fire. You can do the same to make Kashk e Bademjan but again to maximize the deliciousness, the eggplants can be fried. The last but not least is the long cooking time which usually helps the Persian dishes to be the tastiest food ever. These dishes are traditionally baked in “Gamaj” that is a pottery pan which helps your dish to be much more delicious. It also keeps the food nutrients much more than any other container.

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Persian vegan dishes in Adelaide

Persian vegan dishes you must try

Despite the common belief, vegan dishes are not that much limited. You definitely love many foods which are not vegan, but Veganism has smoothed the way of your new diet.

It comprises your lovely tastes into what is allowed in Veganism. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans,seeds and many other stuff do exist in your new appetite zone.
So, don’y worry if you’ve been newly a vegan member.

Veganism is a way of being healthier and also being away from the hormones present in animal-based foods.

What are the benefits in Veganism?

  • It helps weight loss as high rate of fiber is included in this diet and you don’t feel hungry as much as non-vegans do.
  • Like to get more benefits? Well, eat more beans, nuts, fruits, vegetables and low-sugar foods.
  • Less probability of stroke and obesity

Vegans select foods wisely, without any emotional reactions; that’s why they normally do not overeat!

  • Less depression

Organic-based diet can highly affect the depression rate. Therefore, it can be said that Veganism plays a role in             cleansing the mind and positive thinking.

  • Following a vegan diet can prevent diabetes type 2, lessen blood pressure, lessen asthma symptoms, improves bones and heart health, body metabolism and many other benefits.

Persian vegan dishes you must try

Now let’s get through Persian vegan dishes at one of the best vegan restaurant in Adelaide.

Adas Polo is a favorite Persian dish suitable for vegans as it has no meat and contains rice and Persian saffron served with lentils and Sultana.

Baghali Qatogh is one of the most famous traditional dishes (Persian vegan dishes) that contains lima beans and dill served with rice and Persian saffron.

Shish Andaaz is another tasty dish including steam-cooked eggplants with ground walnut, pomegranate paste and tomato served with rice and Persian saffron.

Out of these 3 vegan dishes, Baghali Qatogh and Shish Andaaz can also be served with bread instead of rice.
In most Persian dishes, rice is included but there are options that deliciousness could be tasted with bread as a source of fiber and carbohydrate and in terms of nutrition, there is a balance between all elements such as protein, carbohydrate, fat and stuff like that.

At last, if you’d like to eat more fruits and vegetables to improve your health, a plant-based diet may be worth trying; although this change could be suitable for many people, it’s better to consult your physician before making any change either to your diet or lifestyle.

Best Vegan Restaurant in Adelaide

Best Vegan Restaurant in Adelaide

What Is Veganism?

Veganism, a word with a long story behind, better to say a “philosophy”. Veganism is a way of living and it insists on excluding all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purposes.

Vegan Diet – Foods You Can and Cannot Eat

One thing that all vegans have in common is a plant-based diet. On the other hand, meat ( in any form), eggs and dairy are avoided. Yet, the development and use of animal-free diet can widely include all the necessities for human. As it may seem too vast to ignore, but vegan foods are diverse enough to ensure you never quit being a vegan. It smoothly helps you go on.

A vegan diet is richly diverse and comprises all you need from fruits and vegetables, to nuts, seeds and beans. Any of your favorite foods can be suitable for a vegan diet if it follows a plant-based recipe. Research has shown that a vegan diet can promote weight loss, lower the risk of heart disease and lower the chance of getting certain types of cancer and also diabetes. Where veganism is most popular around the world? Well, the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Austria and New Zealand are among the top 5 vegan countries in the world. As an example, there are many vegetarian restaurants in Adelaide where plant-based cuisine and dessert are available to offer.

Naaz Restaurant One of the Best Vegan Restaurant in Adelaide

best vegan restaurants Adelaide should have a complete list of dishes along with vegan options to meet all the customers’ needs. Persian dishes have attracted more and more fans these days. There are a various number of vegan dishes such as Adas Polo, Baghali Qatogh and Shish Andaaaz, etc . Adas Polo includes rice, Persian saffron with lentils and sultana. Baghali Qatogh contains lima beans and dill with rice and Persian saffron. Shish Andaaz is based on a steam-cooked eggplants with ground walnut, pomegranate paste and tomato, served with rice and Persian saffron. To make the long story short, vegan diet can highly guarantee your health in which you enjoy every step of it.

How healthy is Persian food?

How healthy is Persian food?

Persian Cuisine is one of the most ancient legacies of Persian culture and civilization, which continues to be practiced as a consistent custom and tradition. What Are the Best Persian Food in Your Opinion?


Persian food gluten free

What Persian food is gluten free?

what is gluten-free Diet?

A gluten-free diet is the one that strictly excludes gluten; proteins present in wheat and all its varieties such as barley, oat and stuff like that.

Gluten proteins have low nutritional and biological value, and the grains that contain gluten are not essential for the human diet. By the way, many healthy foods are naturally gluten-free such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, dairy products and oils, as well as fresh meat, fish and poultry. Wheat, rye and barley are the major foods that need to be avoided while following a gluten-free diet.

Processed foods commonly contains gluten as an additive ( like emulsifier, thickeners, gelling agents, fillers and coatings). On the contrary, an unbalanced selection of food and an incorrect choice of gluten-free replacement products may lead to nutritional deficiencies.

The term “gluten-free” is generally used to indicate the harmless level of gluten rather than a complete absence. So a perfect balanced diet needs to be followed.

Children especially often over consume snacks and biscuits. Nutritional side effects can be prevented by a right dietary education.

Gluten-free Food in Naaz Restaurant

Now let’s list some of gluten-free appetizers, side dishes and foods.

1- Mirza Qasemi

Mirza Qasemi” is a famous traditional meal which has lots of fans due to its deliciousness. It includes smoked eggplants, egg, tomato and a touch of garlic served with pickled vegetables. It can both be served by bread as an appetizer and with rice as the main dish.

Mirza Qasemi

2- Kashke Bademjan

Another yummy dish is called “Kashke Bademjan” which includes golden fried eggplants with a touch of garlic, whey and mint along with crispy fried onion and pickled vegetables. It is served by bread only.

Kashke Bademjan

3- Mast-o-khiar

One of gluten-free side dishes is Mast-o-khiar which is yogurt mixed with ground cucumbers and a touch of garlic with mint.


4- Morassa Polo

One of the gluten-free main courses is “Morassa Polo” that contains wild Persian barberries, silvered pistachio and almond along with rice and Persian saffron, served with slow-cooked tender chicken.

Morassa Polo in Naaz Sini
Best Persian restaurant for fine dining in Adelaide Australia

Best restaurant with view Adelaide

Even the most delicious food in the world wouldn’t have quite the same taste if you were forced to eat it while staring at a concrete wall. A restaurant with a stunning view can elevate a dining experience from a mediocre event to a life-long memorable meal.

I’ve recently been to a unique cafe’ and restaurant located in the middle of a forest. The view was awesome and you can’t imagine how beautiful it was!

As you know, there are many cafe’s and restaurants but the one which is in different atmosphere and wonderful view thoroughly attracts you.
The more astonishing the view, the more customers flock to the restaurant.
On the contrary, I’ve been to a restaurant right on Valentine’s Day. I can’t tell you how awful it was!
The view wasn’t something extraordinary and the food was terrible. On that day, I made up my mind not to try any new place on special occasions. Believe me!

Of course , there may be some other new places to be tried in order to enjoy and also be the permanent customer of it and that’s the view which grabs your attention to take time and try it even once!

Not only for having something in a cafe’ or restaurant, but also even for going shopping, the view of the botique or shopping center does play a significant role in order to make you go in!

When you decide to go on a trip, also it’s important to choose a city which has a beautiful view, several interesting places to visit and many other entertainment in order to have fun.

I remember a few years ago, we travelled to Australia. Adelaide was the city we stayed in and we were lucky to see another famous city of it “Sydney”. The views were fantastic. We visited the zoo, the Sydney Tower Eye, the aquarium and also Mount Lofty which we were able to see the whole city from the top. By the way, the 3D cinema was awesome. Everything was crystal clear in a way you couldn’t imagine it was unreal.

Persian restaurant all you can eat

Persian restaurant all you can eat

Actually, people are always looking for a perfect place to eat, relax and enjoy their time. Well, I’ll start off by saying “Naaz on Poulteney” is the best restaurant you’re thoroughly satisfied with in any condition. It is the Persian restaurant you can eat all the different dishes with various tastes you’ve never tried before.


Persian Dishes You Must Try

Iran ( Persia ) has a great variety of food, so based on people of ancient and unique ethnicities, the variety of the food is also very impressive and is one of the attractions of tourists who are fascinated to experience this excellent food variety.

Getting familiar with a country’s food is a one way of recognizing its culture. Culture and society habits are represented by ingredients, healthy recipes, decorating and color of the foods.
It would definitely be said that food is building block of a country and a nation identity. In Persian culture, Food has a special place in a way that you can not imagine a ceremony or a traditional rituals without food let alone their hospitality.

As mentioned food in Iran is as diverse as its people . Each fold cook differently and use different ingredients based on geographical conditions they live in. As most of the people are Moslem, all the foods are Halal.
Recipes for cooking meals in Iran are developed in order to make a balanced taste which makes Persian food unique and special.

You can find rice, the vegetables, meet, chicken, grains and a pinch of spice( mostly saffron and turmeric) in every Persian dish. In formal dishes, there is always rice and meat. Beside rice, bread also has a fundamental role in majority of the dishes.

Traditional drinks in Iran are famous and popular like: tea, dough and herbal tea with medical effects.
Deserts are important and based on the culture of the country, like: Fereni, Shole Zard and Saffron Ice cream.
In north of Iran, local fish from Caspian Sea are very popular as well as local stews and all kind of vegetable specially local ones.The vegetables are consumed more than meat. Rice is the main element and country side people even have it in the breakfasts. They mostly used fresh products in every season as they appear in Bazar. In west and north-west which is mountainous and animal husbandry is popular, they consume all kind of kebabs and also Ash and Dolmeh with bread and rice. In central and east parts stews and Ash are popular. In south, they cook sea-foods with a lot of spice.

It seems visiting this land and tasting its food will be memorable especially, when you get totally different hospitality experience as well.

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