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Naaz Restaurant

Come and dine with us at Naaz Restaurant where you will experience the Persian hospitality and exquisite cuisine dating back 15 Centuries.

A Persian Restaurant in Adelaide



We have created the most elegant and authentic atmosphere you’ll ever find.



Big lovers of Persian dishes. We do our best to design and serve you delicious food.



A true Persian hospitality, the best atmosphere for dining and a memorable experience.

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As you know, Australia is a multicultural country with an extraordinary food diversity which has attracted many immigrants from all over the world and also has blended the fragrance and taste of the food with its attractive culture.

If you’re in love with fine dining, Australia would be great and if you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant, Adelaide can be the best place. Dining out in Adelaide has always been one of the most favorite hobbies of children and also adults; getting away from the daily routine. The whole day at work seems really exhausting. So, a time to enjoy yourself along with family or friends to eat lunch and dinner thoroughly changes your mood. By the way, if you have a different eating attitude and you’re looking for a vegan fine dining, Adelaide again is the best one. There are many vegan restaurants and if not, the vegan options have been considered in the menu.

Our Location

Best restaurants in Adelaide are from different parts of the world. If you’re a fan of eating extra delicious foods, the best place for such an enjoyment would be Persian restaurant. Variety of traditional Persian cuisines exist and vegan guests are also warmly welcomed. Diverse appetizers, main courses, casseroles, side dishes, drinks and desserts are available to complete your new experience.

Vegetables, meat or chicken, different spices, flavors and herbs altogether makes a great yummy food to taste and remember.  The rice is usually jeweled by Persian saffron and exquisite side dishes like Zeytoon Parvardeh (marinated olives) is mixed with pomegranate paste, walnut with a touch of garlic. The subtle blending of vegetables and flavors really add to the deliciousness of any of the menu items from appetizers to side dishes. Cozy atmosphere, hospitable and friendly staff, elegant interior, perfect lighting and also dining chairs in Persian restaurant play a great role to attract more guests. If you haven’t had the chance to give us a try, take your time to come and share your dining experience with us right at Naazonpulteney.

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