Iranian Christmas Celebrations Being Held in Adelaide

Our goal in writing this post is to introduce readers to Iranian culture while also introducing them to some delectable Iranian foods in a serene, accepting environment. It should be noted that Adelaide’s Naaz restaurant serves top Iranian food in a fancy location with a family-friendly atmosphere. Better understanding of Iranian culture and food: An […]

Best Family Friendly Restaurant and Fine Dining Restaurant In Adelaide CBD

family friendly restaurant

Ok. Your friends just called and asked you to come over for dinner with the family, but you got bored doing it repeatedly. Or imagine there’s a birthday party for your relatives, but you don’t want the bother of planning. Consider suggesting a fun alternative activity you can enjoy together, such as watching a movie […]

The Pairings of Naaz Drinks and Dishes


Traditional Persian Drinks Drinks generally have a significant role in human culture. Drinking juice, especially grape juice, dates back to 8000 years ago. It’s often related to the countries with more agricultural progress. It’s interesting to know that after so many years in the 17th century in Turkey, the first orange juice was made, and […]

Best Vegan Food In Adelaide

best vegan food in Adelaide

When we talk about trendy vegan food or recent vegetarian dishes, Adelaide has a variety of vegan and vegetarian options. It occurs mainly due to the country’s large population of vegans and vegetarians. Vegan restaurants seek new ways to attract more guests, and the good news is that Adelaide has many unique vegan and vegetarian restaurants. These […]

Characteristics Of a Fine Dining Restaurant

fine dining restaurant Adelaide

In order to respond to this essential topical question and learn about the characteristics of a fine-dining restaurant, we need to take dining restaurants under precise analysis. Fine-dining restaurants are known for their elegant and sophisticated ambiance, often featuring upscale décor and comfortable seating arrangements. Additionally, these establishments typically offer a meticulously crafted menu that […]

4 Key Characteristics of A Good Restaurant

What are the characteristics of a good restaurant? Fine Dining Restaurant

Well, there are many key characteristics, or essential factors, of a restaurant to think and talk about when It comes to restaurants.  Items such as: Quality of the food Respectful staff Pricing etc. has always been on our minds when we think of eating out in Australia. How to serve food in a fine dining […]

Best Restaurant For Birthday In Adelaide

Best restaurant for birthday in Adelaide

Even if you look helplessly for the best restaurant for a birthday party in Adelaide, you probably need to give Naaz Persian cuisine a chance. Here in Naaz, we have provided the best services to come with a range of ripper food items for you or your guests that you cannot imagine. We recommend checking […]

“Aloo Mosamma” a traditional Persian dishes you must try

traditional Persian dishes

Persian dishes are diverse enough to talk about. A wide range of stews, appetizers and side dishes do exist in it. If you ask the foreign tourists about the characteristics of Persia, most of them are satisfied with Persian dishes. The one who was usually on a trip advised that whenever you enter a city, […]

Best Food In Australia | Cuisine In Australia Survey

What is the most famous food in Australia?

Australia is a vast multicultural country with extraordinary food diversity, which is due to the attraction of many immigrants from all over the world. The fragrance and taste of different dishes blend with their own cultures throughout the years. this is why we need to ask: what is the most famous food in Australia? The […]

Dining out In a Restaurant In Australia

Dining out Naaz restaurant Adelaide

Dining out in restaurants in Australia has always been a favorite type of entertainment for everyone. Although the best food is cooked at home (something we are sure of!), eating out is really something else! The experience of having a great dish in Adelaide is really unique. The city is known for its diverse culinary […]

Begin Cooking Persian Food Like a Persian

how to cook Persian Food

Persian food is generally challenging to be nailed down. It often combines a wide range of flavors and ingredients. but what exactly does it take to begin cooking Persian food like a Persian? Iran is a big, diversified country with a rich culinary culture. There are fragrant rices, braises that are cooked slowly, and stews […]

Persian vegan dishes you must try

Persian vegan dishes in Adelaide

Despite the common belief, vegan dishes are not that much limited. You definitely love many foods which are not vegan, but Veganism has smoothed the way of your new diet. It comprises your lovely tastes into what is allowed in Veganism. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans,seeds and many other stuff do exist in your new appetite […]