How healthy is Persian food?

Persian Cuisine is one of the most ancient legacies of Persian culture and civilization, which continues to be practiced as a consistent custom and tradition.
There is no ceremony in Iran that does not have a place for food and serving it.
When it comes to party, whether a birthday party or wedding, the dining table glitters in every aspect.
Persian food is tasty because of a perfect blending of flavors and spices, along using fresh beans, vegetables, organic fruits, cereal and seeds.
A Perisan plate mainly consists of rice and meat such as lamb, chicken or fish. Vegetables are onions, parsely, and varieties of leafy greens and nuts.
For a better taste, flavorings such as saffron, lime and cinnamon are used. Different types of salads, desserts, sweets and drinks; mostly Dough ( a yogurt based drink ) are served in different parts of Iran.
One of the most significant factors in Persian dishes is the long cooking time, that’s why Persian food is that much yummy!
Persian food is quite healthy based on the ingredients being used in it and also because of using only a small amount of meat that’s usually lamb.
Many people think the Persian food is heavy but it is not true; based on the ingredients and also the time you’re having your meal, it does vary! As an example, if you eat Kalle Pache ( a dish of boiled sheep parts ) at night, it would be a super heavy meal.
That’s something you should consider in order to keep your diet balanced in a way you get all the protein, vitamins and other necessities out of different kinds of meat, chicken or fish and also don’t forget vegetarian dishes such as Mirza Qasemi ( smoked eggplants mixed with garlic and egg) or Kookoo Sabzi ( a vegetarian food spread in a pan mixed with flour and egg) .
By the way, when you’re hungry, starters seem more exciting than the main dish. For example, Zeytoon Parvardeh, olives dressed in pomegranate paste, crushed walnuts and garlic shouldn’t be missed. Different kinds of salads such as green salad or Shirazi salad can add up your appetite to start your main course.

Persian food gluten free

What Persian food is gluten free?

what is gluten-free Diet?

A gluten-free diet is the one that strictly excludes gluten; proteins present in wheat and all its varieties such as barley, oat and stuff like that.

Gluten proteins have low nutritional and biological value, and the grains that contain gluten are not essential for the human diet. By the way, many healthy foods are naturally gluten-free such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, dairy products and oils, as well as fresh meat, fish and poultry. Wheat, rye and barley are the major foods that need to be avoided while following a gluten-free diet.

Processed foods commonly contains gluten as an additive ( like emulsifier, thickeners, gelling agents, fillers and coatings). On the contrary, an unbalanced selection of food and an incorrect choice of gluten-free replacement products may lead to nutritional deficiencies.

The term “gluten-free” is generally used to indicate the harmless level of gluten rather than a complete absence. So a perfect balanced diet needs to be followed.

Children especially often over consume snacks and biscuits. Nutritional side effects can be prevented by a right dietary education.

Gluten-free Food in Naaz Restaurant

Now let’s list some of gluten-free appetizers, side dishes and foods.

1- Mirza Qasemi

Mirza Qasemi” is a famous traditional meal which has lots of fans due to its deliciousness. It includes smoked eggplants, egg, tomato and a touch of garlic served with pickled vegetables. It can both be served by bread as an appetizer and with rice as the main dish.

Mirza Qasemi

2- Kashke Bademjan

Another yummy dish is called “Kashke Bademjan” which includes golden fried eggplants with a touch of garlic, whey and mint along with crispy fried onion and pickled vegetables. It is served by bread only.

Kashke Bademjan

3- Mast-o-khiar

One of gluten-free side dishes is Mast-o-khiar which is yogurt mixed with ground cucumbers and a touch of garlic with mint.


4- Morassa Polo

One of the gluten-free main courses is “Morassa Polo” that contains wild Persian barberries, silvered pistachio and almond along with rice and Persian saffron, served with slow-cooked tender chicken.

Morassa Polo in Naaz Sini

Best restaurant with view Adelaide

Even the most delicious food in the world wouldn’t have quite the same taste if you were forced to eat it while staring at a concrete wall. A restaurant with a stunning view can elevate a dining experience from a mediocre event to a life-long memorable meal.

I’ve recently been to a unique cafe’ and restaurant located in the middle of a forest. The view was awesome and you can’t imagine how beautiful it was!

As you know, there are many cafe’s and restaurants but the one which is in different atmosphere and wonderful view thoroughly attracts you.
The more astonishing the view, the more customers flock to the restaurant.
On the contrary, I’ve been to a restaurant right on Valentine’s Day. I can’t tell you how awful it was!
The view wasn’t something extraordinary and the food was terrible. On that day, I made up my mind not to try any new place on special occasions. Believe me!

Of course , there may be some other new places to be tried in order to enjoy and also be the permanent customer of it and that’s the view which grabs your attention to take time and try it even once!

Not only for having something in a cafe’ or restaurant, but also even for going shopping, the view of the botique or shopping center does play a significant role in order to make you go in!

When you decide to go on a trip, also it’s important to choose a city which has a beautiful view, several interesting places to visit and many other entertainment in order to have fun.

I remember a few years ago, we travelled to Australia. Adelaide was the city we stayed in and we were lucky to see another famous city of it “Sydney”. The views were fantastic. We visited the zoo, the Sydney Tower Eye, the aquarium and also Mount Lofty which we were able to see the whole city from the top. By the way, the 3D cinema was awesome. Everything was crystal clear in a way you couldn’t imagine it was unreal.

Persian restaurant all you can eat

Actually, people are always looking for a perfect place to eat, relax and enjoy their time. Well, I’ll start off by saying “Naaz on Poulteney” is the best restaurant you’re thoroughly satisfied with in any condition. It is the Persian restaurant you can eat all the different dishes with various tastes you’ve never tried before.
The marvelous blending of tastes and colors make you wonder how it is well-prepared. You’d love to see and know how it can be that much yummy.
Naaz restaurant is a well-decorated, cozy place to serve you in a way you’d love to come back again and again to share your sweet memory over the time.
A part of different ways of cooking in Naaz restaurant is related to Northern part of Iran “Rasht” and it has amazingly various tastes which are due to spices, traditional vegetables, beans and more considerably garlic.
Those who are in love with Iranian traditional food surely adore “Naaz” more than any other restaurants.That’s why many non- Iranian tourists are seen in “Naaz” and they’re not few. “Yes, it definitely is! “
The fame of Iranian tastes are that much incredible that cause many people from other cities of Australia hear the name of “Naaz” and would like to try it.
The Persian food taste you try in “Naaz” is exactly the same as a tourist has experienced in Iran.
In this restaurant, you can also drink fresh tea beside the various kinds of colorful authentic sweets baked by the owner.
The diverse menu of “Naaz” has a mouth-watering selection of various dishes covers all types of tastes including hot, cold, meat or vegan dishes and vegetarian salads in order to meet your needs.
Persian food is well-known for its lovely mixture of tastes; now add another option, “traditional food”, the perfect taste will be double or even triple!!! The best ingredients combined together make you say “Wow”!
To make the long story short, just have to tell you “ Forget everywhere you’ve gone to so far and take your time to test High Quality Authentic Persian Cuisine right at Naaz Restaurant.”
Do Not Hesitate!

Persian Dishes You Must Try

Iran ( Persia ) has a great variety of food, so based on people of ancient and unique ethnicities, the variety of the food is also very impressive and is one of the attractions of tourists who are fascinated to experience this excellent food variety.

Getting familiar with a country’s food is a one way of recognizing its culture. Culture and society habits are represented by ingredients, healthy recipes, decorating and color of the foods.
It would definitely be said that food is building block of a country and a nation identity. In Persian culture, Food has a special place in a way that you can not imagine a ceremony or a traditional rituals without food let alone their hospitality.

As mentioned food in Iran is as diverse as its people . Each fold cook differently and use different ingredients based on geographical conditions they live in. As most of the people are Moslem, all the foods are Halal.
Recipes for cooking meals in Iran are developed in order to make a balanced taste which makes Persian food unique and special.

You can find rice, the vegetables, meet, chicken, grains and a pinch of spice( mostly saffron and turmeric) in every Persian dish. In formal dishes, there is always rice and meat. Beside rice, bread also has a fundamental role in majority of the dishes.

Traditional drinks in Iran are famous and popular like: tea, dough and herbal tea with medical effects.
Deserts are important and based on the culture of the country, like: Fereni, Shole Zard and Saffron Ice cream.
In north of Iran, local fish from Caspian Sea are very popular as well as local stews and all kind of vegetable specially local ones.The vegetables are consumed more than meat. Rice is the main element and country side people even have it in the breakfasts. They mostly used fresh products in every season as they appear in Bazar. In west and north-west which is mountainous and animal husbandry is popular, they consume all kind of kebabs and also Ash and Dolmeh with bread and rice. In central and east parts stews and Ash are popular. In south, they cook sea-foods with a lot of spice.

It seems visiting this land and tasting its food will be memorable especially, when you get totally different hospitality experience as well.