“Aloo Mosamma” a traditional Persian dishes you must try

traditional Persian dishes

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Persian dishes are diverse enough to talk about. A wide range of stews, appetizers and side dishes do exist in it. If you ask the foreign tourists about the characteristics of Persia, most of them are satisfied with Persian dishes. The one who was usually on a trip advised that whenever you enter a city, try to taste their food cause it’s not only the traditional food, but it also indicates the geographical, social and economic side of the city.

"Aloo Mosamma" a traditional Persian dishes you must try

There are many traditional Persian dishes, but Aloo Mosamma is something special. As it is cooked in different styles in different cities. In Northern part of Iran, it is usually sweet because of the use of plum and apricot and also a huge amount of onion. It can be both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish due to the presence or absence of chicken lovely legs.

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Aloo Mosamma is a perfect stew for detoxification. Various forms of plum play a significant role for better digestion to maintain the liver health. It also helps fight against infection and fever. Plum is an enriched source of antioxidant . It’s really crucial for health and the lack of it leads to premature aging, pressure on nervous system and activation of damaged genes in DNA.

In some areas, split peas are used to cook Aloo Mosamma. Some others substitute meat instead of chicken. As it’s clear, there are many different ways to cook this popular dish!