What is the most famous food in Australia?

What is the most famous food in Australia?

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Australia is a multicultural country with extraordinary food diversity which has collected many immigrants from all over the world. The fragrance and taste of different dishes have been blended with its own culture throughout the years.

The Australian people are in love with foods, that’s why there are several cafe’s and restaurants with high standards on each corner of the country.

You can see variety of foods such as Chinese, Thai, Japanese, African, French, Turkish, Italian, Mexican, Greek and even Iranian cuisine in Australia. The expert Australian chefs cook these cuisines beautifully. Eating strange animals like kangaroos and crocodiles is considered as a part of Australian food that is still common in some areas.

Meat is one of the most significant parts in an Australian diet but chicken has got more fans. Nearly 31% of people eat chicken, while 20% use meat. Carbohydrate consumption is about 45%. Also vegetarianism and using different herbs is extremely common in this country.

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A number of famous cuisines are as follows:

Chicken Parmigiana

This dish has got Italian-American root and it’s considered as the world’s most popular foods in the world.
Fried chicken with melted cheese and ketchup which is usually served with chips and salad.

Barbecued Sausages

Aussie people are in love with grilled food. Grilled sausages are the most favorite foods that is cooked with pig’s and cow’s meat, served with mixed fried onions.


The square-shaped cake that is known as the Australian National Cake and is considered as the symbol of AU. The best cakes are baked in Adelaide and Kytons bakery and has been awarded as the best Lamington.


Both Australia and New Zealand claim that this dessert was invented in 1920 to meet the Russian Ana Pavlova. This kind of sweet is served after dinner, with fruits, cream and mint.

Australian Meat Pie

You may think this pie tastes the same as ordinary pies like foods and different sweets, but you’d better know this pie has a special taste and it’s smaller than normal pie that’s served with tomato ketchup.

Pumpkin Soup

Australian foods are not limited to the variety of meat and grilled fish. You can try vegetarian cuisines. Pumpkin soup is mostly cooked in cold months of the year and the best place to try such dishes are the southern parts.


You’d better forget fish and chips and try a big plate of Aussie river fish. To try this fish, you’d better go to Queensland and taste this fresh Australian fish.

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