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Baghali Qatogh Recipes

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Red kidney beans have a vast background in ancient Egypt and Greece. The plant has been used and it reached China 2,800 years B.C. “Baghali Qatogh”, one of the oldest local foods in Gilan province cooking, that is made in many areas of Iran. “Qatogh” is another word for stew and in general it is told to be served with rice. Baghali Qatogh along with Mirza Qasemi and Torshe Tare are the main course of Guilani people. This food is cooked with different beans. Red kidney beans, white beans, black-eyed peas, and also can be cooked with dried or fresh lima beans.

The ingredients of Baghali Qatogh

  • Red kidney beans
  • Butter or oil
  • Garlic either diced or smashed
  • Dill
  • Egg
  • Salt, pepper and turmeric

How to cook Baghali Qatogh

To cook, first roast the garlic along witg dill, then add red kidney beans and pour some boiling water, some salt, pepper and turmeric and let it bake on a mild heat. While adding eggs to the mixture, pay attention not to mix the eggs. The important point here in Naaz is that Baghali Qatogh is made without eggs for our vegan fans.

Tips to cook Baghali Qatogh

  1. Do not add salt at first, because it causes the red kidney beans to bake later. If you’re allergic to the fresh garlic, you can use garlic powder instead.
  2. If you use fresh dill instead of dried one, make the dill twice more and dry it before dicing.
  3. The number of eggs is based on your own taste. You can break it inside the stew or make sunny-side up as the dressing on the top.
  4. The density of Baghali Qatogh again depends on your own taste. If you’d like to have it more tough, wait a little more so that the water evaporate!
  5. In order to make this dish much more tasty, you can use butter instead of oil.
  6. Outside of Iran, this dish is made with fava beans or kidney beans. If using dried beans, do not forget to soak them overnight in order to be cooked in a shorter time.

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The benefits of Baghali Qatogh

Red kidney beans are perfect source of fiber. It’s also can be changed to a full-feed while served with rice due to the high rate of protein. Calcium and potassium in lima beans can prevent osteoporosis and it helps to control high blood pressure. Red kidney beans are perfect to improve immune system due to the high rate of copper and it also helps blood cells to stay healthy. Copper improves white blood cells.

Appetizer and dessert with Baghali Qatogh

Of course it’s up to you to choose any of the menu items available, a perfect appetizer before having Baghali Qatogh would be Kale Kabab. What about the dessert? Well, Saffron Dish would be delicate enough to try afterwards. Baghali Qatogh is considered as a vegan stew while eggs are omitted. To know more about vegan foods, you can simply go through Shish Andaaz and Adas Polo recipe.

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