Kabab Digi Recipe: How to Cook Amazing Kebabs in a Frying Pan

Kebab Digi

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There’s nearly no food enthusiast who is not in love with Persian Kebabs, Chellow Kabab, or other types of kebabs on BBQ with various ingredients. This culturally critical dish is made from minced lamb meat or a combination of lamb and beef to cook the most delicate kebabs. But what is Pan kebab?, or kabab Digi? How to cook a genuine Kabab Tabei at home?

Countries and international cuisines have various ways and cooking methods to cook a tasty, juicy, and flavorful kebab. Persian pan kebab is another variation of kebab preparation. Instead of skewers and coals to make grilled Persian Kebab, we cook the kabab in a frying pan. This method allows for a crispy exterior and a tender interior.

Introduction to Kabab Digi

Since many individuals don’t own a grill or don’t want to use one, we also have a form of Kebab known as Kabab Tabei, which translates to “pan kebab.” Like all kebabs, it’s pan-cooked and served with Persian-style white and saffron rice. For me, Naaz Saffron is the best available in the SA. The color, flavor, and perfume of the saffron are precisely as I like them to be.

Kabab Digi ( Persian Pan Kebab) is one of the most popular and delicious Persian dishes. It’s better to know that Kebab Digi is one of the oldest traditional Persian dishes. In some cities of Iran, like Arak, Kabab Digi is made in a pan, and that’s why it’s called Pan Kebab ( Kabab Digi). 

It is interesting to know that Bulgarian people cook a kind of Kebab similar to Persian pan kebab. Bulgarians usually make Kebab with french fries and Bulgarian cheese with cool drinks such as doogh (a Persian traditional drink) or cola. They also use black pepper and cumin to marinate meat.

Based on the available historical documents, the first Iranian kebab-serving restaurant was established in Tabriz, near the Ghafghaz border. In fact, the Qajari King, “Nasser e din Shah,” who was originally from Ghafghaz, brought Kebab to Iran and later varied by the chefs. 

The shapes of Kebabs changed and showed up in today’s form. With time, Kebab cooking became standard throughout the whole country and found its way to people’s dining tables.

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The Ingredients of Kabab Digi

  • Mincemeat or mince chicken: 500 gr
  • Onion: 1 grated and water-free
  • Tomato: as many as needed
  • Green pepper: as you wish
  • Parsley: diced, two tablespoons
  • Salt and pepper: as much as needed
  • Butter
  • Brewed saffron: 1 dessertspoon
  • Sumac: as much as needed

Tasty Kabab Digi Recipe

Let me tell you the truth: The cooking process for Kabab Digi and Kabab Tabei is very simple and easy. 

  1. First, grate the onion, take out the onion water, and keep it in another bowl. (Do not pour it away!)
  2. Mix the onion with minced lamb meat, beef, or even minced chicken breast. Then add parsley, salt, pepper, and brewed saffron to the mixture.
  3. Now, it’s time to mix them well for a while. 
  4. Pour some oil or butter into a pan. 
  5. Set the kebabs on a wooden skewer and pour sumac on them. This will give a tangy flavor to the meat.
  6. The heat must be average. Turn the skewers in a few minutes. Spread the kebabs on the pan and put the lid on.
  7. With a sharp knife, cut the kebabs to a similar measurement and pour the onion water over the meat. 
  8. Do not forget French fries besides tomato and green pepper. It can be served with rice or bread.

A Few Tips For Cooking The Best Kabab Digi (Pan Kebab)

  • If possible, try to use meat with no fat or less fat. The most appropriate meat is a combination of lamb and beef. This mixture is well-regarded in the Persian traditional culture of cooking Kebab.
  • Onions must be grated and water-separated.
  • The ingredients must be well blended to be thoroughly mixed. Try to spend some time on the hand-blending of the meat to ensure that the flavors are evenly distributed.
  • If you prefer, you can add a tablespoon of oil while kebabs are being baked to be fried well.
  • Some people fry the kebabs to cook Kebab Digi, but this action makes the kebabs stiff. The juiciness of the cooked meat is changed to a crunchy texture, which is not favorable.
  • Kabab Digi would be perfect with fried tomatoes and french fries.

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Appetizers And Desserts Pair With Kabab Digi

Persian Yoguret

Kabab Digi is a super tasty dish, and it would be much more tasty, along with pomegranate olives, Shirazi salad, and Torshi (mixed pickled). It can be called a good variation of the national dish of Iran and is served with rice to be called Chellow Kabab.

For a suitable starter, Kale Kabab would be the best one. Kale Kabab is a delicious appetizer that pairs perfectly with the flavors of Kabab Digi. Its crispy texture and savory taste make it an ideal choice to kick off your meal. 

As a dessert afterward, Persian fragrant tea with saffron syrup cake is perfect. With the aroma of black tea and saffron-infused soft cake, you can have the best meals, which are pretty healthy for you as well.

To read more about various simple meat-based Persian dishes, you can visit Qorme Sabzi. Learn how to cook and what to eat as a side dish.

How To Serve Kabab Digi For Good?

To serve kabab digi for a delicious meal, it is best to pair it with fragrant Persian rice and a side of grilled vegetables. The combination of the juicy kabab, fluffy rice, and charred veggies creates a well-balanced and satisfying plate. Additionally, serving it with a dollop of tangy yogurt sauce or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice can enhance the flavors even more. 

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Naaz would be grateful to see you by its side and welcome you warm enough to leave you with a vivid memory.


While Persian traditional Kebab (Kabab) is a standard barbequed type of kebab, like what they do in other countries, Kabab Digi is usually prepared in a pan. That’s why it’s interpreted as the Persian Pan Kebab.

Ground meat, onion, salt, pepper, turmeric, and seasoning are the ingredients of kabab. The mixture is smooth and sticky when all of the ingredients are combined. To help the mixture stick together, one egg is added. After that, the mixture is shaped around a skewer. The skewer is either on the BBQ or a pan to be fried.

The distinction between a kebab and a kabab is negligible. All that separates these two spellings of the identical culinary item is spelling. While kabab is more usually used in South Asia and the Middle East, kebab is more commonly used in British English and the United States.


Lamb is usually used for kebabs, even if regional recipes may call for beef, goat, chicken, fish, or even pork. Whether or not there are specific religious limitations will determine this.


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