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TahChin, Morgh Tahchin, or the crispy saffron rice dish, is a traditional Persian dish that is typically made with chicken. It is known for its vibrant yellow color and crispy outer layer. The rice is seasoned with saffron, giving it a distinct flavor and aroma. 

 Tahchin is delicate enough for Iranians, even if you don’t have teeth to eat this tasty Persian dish!!

Unmatched blending of saffron, crunchy rice, yoghurt, eggs and chicken that is thoroughly irresistible! Tah Chin has various types. Chicken, meat, eggplant and spinach can be found in it but the most common and popular one is Chicken TahChin or better to say “Morgh TahChin”.

Introduction to TahChin

TahChin is a Persian dish that is made from a mixture of rice, different meats (chicken is more common), yogurt, eggs, and saffron. TahChin is considered one of the formal dishes suitable for parties and gatherings because of its beautiful appearance. The first part is the thick, crunchy, saffron-based rice that is completely formed. The second part is white rice that is poured on the crunchy rice. The white part can be omitted. In dining salons, it is often made with crunchy rice, but this style is less common at home.

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Various Types of TahChin

Despite common belief, the only kind of TahChin is not chicken TahChin and it can be cooked in different ways.

  1. Chicken TahChin
  2. Meat TahChin
  3. Meat and eggplant TahChin
  4. Spinach TahChin
  5. Fish TahChin

TahChin is baked both in the oven or on the stove. For the thick crunchy rice, TahChin must be cooked on a mild heat with much more time. While serving TahChin, it’s better to pour watered butter on it.

The Ingredients of TahChin

  • Chicken, 1.5 k.
  • Medium-size onion 1
  • Rice, 1 k.
  • Sour yogurt, 850 gr.
  • Yolk 6-7
  • Saffron, 1 teaspoon
  • Butter, 100 gr.
  • Oil, 1/2 scale
  • Barberries, 100 gr.
  • Sugar, 2 tablespoons
  • Salt and slivered pistachios as much as needed.

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Best TahChin Recipe

  1. To start, first bake the chicken with a little water, onion, salt, and 1/4 scale of water.
  2. Filter the water and chop the cold chicken pieces. 
  3. You surely know how to make the rice.
  4. Mix the yoghurt, yolk, oil, saffron, chicken syrup, and a half of butter with salt.
  5. Then add the rice to the mixture.
  6. Add rice little by little in order not to be tough.

Appetizer And Dessert With Chicken TahChin

The perfect appetizer before having TahChin, or the Persian appetizer, is Kashke Bademjan, which is golden fried eggplants with a touch of garlic, whey, and mint served with crispy onions, pickled vegetables, and bread. It is a delicious and flavorful dish that pairs well with the spicy and savory taste of TahChin.

The top dessert afterwards would be Persian fragrant tea along with Naaz Day’s cake. Naaz Day’s Cake is a light and fluffy cake infused with rosewater and cardamom, giving it a unique and aromatic flavor. It complements the rich and comforting flavors of the TahChin, making it the perfect ending to a satisfying meal. The fragrant tea adds a refreshing touch, cleansing the palate and leaving a lingering taste of sweetness. It is a delightful way to end a meal.

How to Serve Tahchin

To serve Tahchin in the best way and in the most authentic manner possible, you need to follow the traditional methods and techniques. The most challenging part is taking Tahchin out of the cooking pot without destructing the delicate layers of dough.

One method is to carefully invert the pot onto a serving platter, allowing the TahChin to slide out in one piece. Another technique is to use a sharp knife to gently loosen the edges of the TahChin before carefully flipping it onto a plate. Both methods require patience and precision to ensure the dish maintains its beautiful presentation. 

You can serve Tahchin by garnishing it with fresh herbs, such as parsley or cilantro, to add a pop of color and freshness. Additionally, serving it with a side of yogurt or a tangy sauce, like tzatziki or a lemon-garlic aioli, can enhance the flavors and complement the creamy texture of the TahChin

History of Tahchin

Not that far past, in Kings’ kitchen, after serving food by the King, servants ate leftovers. Once there was a quarrel among them on crunchy rice. The King heard the voice and asked for the reason.
When he understood the story, he started to give it a try. He recently found out how deeply he was deprived of such a delicate taste. He ordered to punish the servants and also ordered to bring him the crunchy rice before the main course from now on.

Another story narrates that one of the chefs leaves the rice unattended while cooking Chelo Morgh (chicken with rice), and it becomes too smooth.
The chef was afraid of what happened and got help from saffron, yogurt, and eggs so that the king would forgive him. The first TahChin was born in this way! It was a unique and delicious dish that the chef had never made before.


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