Zereshk Polo Recipe – Such a beauty all in one single plate


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Zereshk Polo a dish among Persian rice with wild barberries flavor. In Iran’s cooking culture, cooking various types of rice was common. Therefore, different kinds of colorful rice has got a special status such as Zereshk Polo that has a delicate taste and it’s often cooked in celebrations, wedding ceremonies and parties. Due to the harmony between Zereshk Polo ingredients ( color and taste aspect), this food has a special status in everyone’s happiness.

Elderly people believe that Zereshk Polo was a luxurious food due to having meat in it and if ordinary people intended to make it, they would prefer to add vegetables and other flavors to give it a special taste. In the past, the use of ingredients along with barberries was so diverse. Peas, garlic,green raisin,almond nut and pistachio, slivered orange peel were the so-called ingredients to add.
Cumin, saffron and sugar cube were roasted in order to remove the sour taste of barberries.

Zereshk Polo has no ancient history. In one of the old monuments dated back to Safavid dynasty, rice division to sweet and sour, Zereshk Polo considered to be in sour rice group due to the sour taste of wild barberries. Zereshk Polo with chicken had some other titles as well, such as Maakian Polo ( Poultry with rice) , Morgh Polo ( chicken with rice) and Qajari Polo because they were cooked almost the same.

The main ingredient of Zereshk Polo was meat. Nowadays, Zereshk Polo is engaged with chicken and it is less seen to have lamb meat or any part of the sheep. In the past, meat was more diverse and people used to eat Zereshk Polo with lamb meat; moreover to chicken or even they ate it without meat, therefore, in addition to barberries, green raisin, almond and pistachio nut along with slivered orange peel were added in each layer of the rice but today, there’s no sign of meat in Zereshk Polo.

The ingredients  of Zereshk Polo

  • Rice 4 scales
  • Onion 1
  • Garlic 2 pieces
  • Barberries 1 scale
  • Butter 25 gr
  • Chicken thigh or breast 4 pieces
  • Lime juice 1 spoon
  • Salt, pepper as needed
  • Brewed saffron 2 teaspoons
  • Tomato paste 2 teaspoons
  • Sugar 1 spoon

Recipe of Zereshk Polo

First of all, chicken pieces must be fried on high heat. Roast garlic and onion in another pan until their color is changed. Then, add tomato paste and salt, pepper and lime juice. At last add the fried chicken to the pan and pour 2/3 glasses of water on the chicken. 2 hours needed to make the dish ready. Pour saffron 10 minutes before turning off the heat.
Soak the barberries for 30 minutes in lukewarm water, then roast it on mild heat and add sugar to remove the sour taste of it a bit. Mix the barberries with rice and pour the brewed saffron on it.

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Appetizer and dessert to pair with Zereshk Polo

As both of these items are totally based on your own taste, here we just recommend our own choice so feel free to choose whatever you like.

The recommended appetizer would be Kashke Bademjan and the perfect dessert afterwards would be today’s cake with Turkish style pear dessert and cotton candy.

At last, if you haven’t had the chance to try our perfect foods and drinks l, take your time to come and share your unique experience with us.