How healthy is Persian food?

How healthy is Persian food?

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Persian Cuisine is one of the most ancient legacies of Persian culture and civilization, which continues to be practiced as a consistent custom and tradition. What Are the Best Persian Food in Your Opinion?

There is no ceremony in Iran that does not have a place for food and serving it. When it comes to party, whether a birthday party or wedding, the dining table glitters in every aspect. Persian food is tasty because of a perfect blending of flavors and spices, along using fresh beans, vegetables, organic fruits, cereal and seeds. A Perisan plate mainly consists of rice and meat such as lamb, chicken or fish. Vegetables are onions, parsely, and varieties of leafy greens and nuts.

For a better taste, flavorings such as saffron, lime and cinnamon are used. Different types of salads, desserts, sweets and drinks; mostly Dough ( a yogurt based drink ) are served in different parts of Iran. One of the most significant factors in Persian dishes is the long cooking time, that’s why Persian food is that much yummy! Persian food is quite healthy based on the ingredients being used in it and also because of using only a small amount of meat that’s usually lamb.

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Many people think the Persian food is heavy but it is not true; based on the ingredients and also the time you’re having your meal, it does vary! As an example, if you eat Kalle Pache ( a dish of boiled sheep parts ) at night, it would be a super heavy meal. That’s something you should consider in order to keep your diet balanced in a way you get all the protein, vitamins and other necessities out of different kinds of meat, chicken or fish and also don’t forget vegetarian dishes such as Mirza Qasemi ( smoked eggplants mixed with garlic and egg) or Kookoo Sabzi ( a vegetarian food spread in a pan mixed with flour and egg) .

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By the way, when you’re hungry, starters seem more exciting than the main dish. For example, Zeytoon Parvardeh, olives dressed in pomegranate paste, crushed walnuts and garlic shouldn’t be missed. Different kinds of salads such as green salad or Shirazi salad can add up your appetite to start your main course.